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    Ban Appeals (English)



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    Ban Appeals (English)

    Post by Olive_Zavrazhnov on Sat Jan 17, 2015 3:44 pm

    Apply here if your character got ban from server. A admin team will check and investigate it. Hope you can explain clearly. Thankyou

    Character Name*:
    The IP of which was banned from the server. If you do not know your IP, please Google, "what is my IP"*:
    Ban Date/Time*:
    Name Of Admin Who Banned You*:
    Reason you where banned*:
    Links to images supporting your claim for appeal, or proof of the ban occuring*:
    Protest your unban claim, please keep in mind that the minimum atleast 150 characters for a definite reason*:
    If you are found to be untruthful your ban appeal may be denied and bans extended.
    Is This Report True & Accurate*:

    "I (Character Name) certify this ban appeal is accurate and truthful under the penalty of ban extension/permanent ban"

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