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    Kenash Siregar Apply

    Post by Kenash_Siregar on Tue Feb 10, 2015 9:19 am

    Name:Kenash Siregar
    Level: 4
    Current Job:LAPD Police Officer
    Last Faction : LARR FOX11 And Now LAPD
    Why I Want To Join This Faction:First Its Low On Member So I Want To Help This Faction Up And!                                                Making PD Or Other Job Easier So Admin Dont Need To Revive
    Why Should You Choose Me?I Have A You Can Say A Standart Good RP Skill Im Former FD At Other Server I Dont Need To Mention That And Trained By FD Anthony Prabowo (Not At CSRP)
    Explain Meta Gaming:Mixing OOC Info To IC Info Or IC To OOC Info
    Explain Power Gaming:Doing Something Unrealistic In Real Life
    Explain Revenge Kill:Killing Someone Who Kill You Before Waiting 30 Minutes To Recover
    Explain Death Match:Killing Someone Without Any Reason
    I Have A License?: Yes
    Crimes/Arrest Record?:Crimes 3 Arrest 2
    Tell You About My Crime?: Its A Long Time Ago When Im A RR I Drive Recklessly And Running To Elude And Possesion Of Drugs (:3)

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